Puzzle of the Week #159 - Make Primes Finite Again

A President discovered on a TV show that you can generate an infinity of numbers even if you only had a finite number of prime numbers, and so decided that prime numbers beyond a certain size could be dispensed with.

He decreed that only the first ten prime numbers (those up to and including 29) could remain, and any numbers that contained prime factors higher than those would simply be skipped over when counting. So if you had 30 of something, and someone gave you one more, you would now be said to have 32 under this new system.

I recently did some freelance work in that country but when it came time to be paid in gold coins I was dismayed to discover that I only received half the gold coins I had been expecting! The amount I had invoiced them for was a number they didn't recognise, and so I was paid a gold coin for each of the numbers up to that number that they did recognise.

How many gold coins did I actually receive?