Puzzle of the Week #142 - Metamorphosis

This is a fun game you can play by yourself or with others if you’re bored or stuck in a queue. You start by thinking of two four-letter-words with no letters common to both words, for example HYPE and FROG. Then you find three intermediate words, each of which changes one letter of the previous word and (if necessary) rearranges the letters to form a valid English word. Because you only have three intermediate words, each letter that you introduce to replace an existing letter must be one from the target word.

So, for example, HYPE could change to HOPE, then HERO, then on to GORE then finally to FROG.

I have yet to find a pair of words for which this is impossible. I thought by using words that had unusual letters in, the task might be made harder, but even going from NEXT to QUIZ is possible without resorting to obscure uncommon words.

So can you go from NEXT to QUIZ using only common English words?

NEXT     (          )     (          )     (         )     QUIZ