Paddocks: The Book

I’m proud to announce the publication of my third book: Paddocks! 

I’m very proud of this book, it’s small but perfectly formed. Perfect for keeping it you pocket and taking out on long train journeys. Packed with over 100 hand-crafted puzzles, mostly Paddocks, but a smattering of other great puzzles to provide little breaks throughout the book. 

To let you know the background, I came up Paddocks a few years ago, and it was very popular with the readers of my magazine, and later my website. It gained more traction when some of them were featured in Alex Bellos’ column in The Guardian, where it was very well received. Like Sudoku, they can be solved by pure deduction, and there is only one possible solution. Also like Sudoku, one deduction here might have a knock-on effect over there, as you gradually move towards the answer. 

The task is to add fences within a field to divide it into Paddocks according to some very simple rules. It’s easy to learn, but difficult to master (the final puzzle in the book took me hours to test-solve!). 

As it's print-on-demand the list price is quite high, but if you are a fan of Paddocks, or of logic puzzles in general, it’s well worth it. Amazon and other retailers take a big share, so the good news is if you go straight to via the link above you get a massive 40% discount on the list price. 

Thanks for your support! 

Elliott Line