Free Gift! More Binary Determination Puzzles

Here’s a little gift for you: an excel version of my Binary Determination puzzle.

Just stick it on your desktop and have a play if you ever get bored, or play it first thing in the morning to wake your brain up.

It will randomly generate one of a possible 100 billion billion billion puzzles (which is a lot more than the age of the universe in seconds). When you have completed a row or column the target number will turn green.

I’ve included macros to clear the board (but leave the target numbers as they are), or to begin a completely new game. You will need to enable macros and iterative calculation (circular references). I’ve protected the worksheet to prevent you from inadvertently changing cells that don’t need to be changed, but it’s not password protected so if you want to take a peek under the hood you are perfectly welcome!

You can download the .xlsm file from my Dropbox by following this link: