Puzzle of the Week #38 - Palindromic Numbers

Some numbers are palindromic (reading the same backwards as forwards), such as 242, 12321 of 55.

38 is not a palindrome, or at least it isn’t when expressed in base 10.

However it is also a palindrome in three other bases (not including bases above base 38, where the number would be a single ‘digit’).

Can you find all three of them?

Some background on bases: we use base 10 all of the time, and we understand well how it works: each digit moving from right to left is worth 10 more than the last. Other bases work in exactly the same way, but with the digits increasing in value by a different factor. For example, 38 expressed in base 6 would be 102, since (62)x1 + (61)x0 + (60)x2 is equal to 38.