Puzzle of the Week #67 - Ten Pin Bowling

This game uses all 100 scrabble tiles drawn at random, including the two blanks (which can represent any letter of your choosing).

The scoring system is the same as that of real ten-pin bowling: you get points for each word, equal to how many letters in the word.

In addition, there are bonus points available as follows:

If you get a spare (use all letters in one frame using two words), you get bonus points equal to the next word you score.

If you get a strike (a ten letter word), you get bonus points equal to the next two words you score.

If you only get one word in a frame, and it's not a strike, then for the purposes of bonus points, you get a zero length word too.

In real tenpin bowling, if you get a strike or a spare on the tenth frame, you get an eleventh frame to determine your bonus points, and if you were lucky enough to get a strike on the tenth and eleventh frames, you would get a twelfth frame.

In this game, there are no eleventh and twelfth frame, so to determine any bonus points you are entitled to after the tenth frame, look back at the words you scored in the first and second frames.

Theoretical maximum points is 300 (for 10 strikes), but anything over 100 is respectable. I’ve no idea what is the most points achievable with this selection, and will be playing along with everyone else!