parkrun Attendance and Milestone Stats for 31/08/2019 and 01/09/2019

parkrun Attendance and Milestone Stats for 31/08/2019 and 01/09/2019


Biggest UK parkruns: Bushy Park (1583), Southampton (1076), Milton Keynes (1075), Bromley (942), Poole (895), Heaton Park (850), Nonsuch (837), Chelmsford Central (787), Cannon Hill (784), Clapham Common (779),

Median UK parkrun: Albert (228),

Smallest UK parkruns: Bressay (40), Merthyr (39), Wayland* (37), Drumchapel (36), Aberbeeg (36), Windy Nook (34), Rostrevor (34), Stranmillis College (33), Swinfen* (32), Gainsborough (31), Millom (29), Cotsford Fields (24), Ganavan Sands (23), Kirkwall (22), Tern Hill* (21), Sudbury* (18), Springhill* (18), Black Combe* (16), Girvan Prom (14), Keppel* (12), Parc* (11), Cromhall* (11), The Grange* (8), Bickershaw* (8), Lower Drummans* (6),

(* Events marked with an asterisk are not open to the public, as they are in the grounds of a prison or YOI).

In the UK there were 10 new attendance records set: Berwyn (47), Brighouse (507), Bromley (942), Homewood (190), Leicester Victoria (561), Melton Mowbray (274), Milton Keynes (1075), Mole Valley (393), The Old Showfield (281), Woking (437),

There were 4 new UK parkruns: Alderford Lake (325), Dean Castle Country Park (164), Mallards Pike (88), Stratford Park, Stroud (132),

In the UK there were 630 parkruns, 162981 parkrunners and 14337 volunteers (plus pending results).

Of the UK parkruns that took place both last week and this week:

335 parkruns had higher attendance than last week,

269 parkruns had lower attendance than last week,

Cromhall, Frickley Country, Barrow, Shrewsbury, had precisely the same as last week,

The biggest increase in attendance (by number of parkrunners) was Milton Keynes, with a change of 511,

The biggest increase in attendance (by percentage change) was Milton Keynes, with a change of 91%,

The biggest drop in attendance (by number of parkrunners) was Portrush, with a change of -283,

The biggest drop in attendance (by percentage change) was Hafan Pwllheli, with a change of -78%.


UK Cancellations this week:

Dunfermline parkrun (Independence Rally taking place in the park)

South Manchester parkrun (Festival of Manchester taking place in the park.)

Gibside parkrun (High winds. NT need to check estate for safety.)

Hollesley Bay parkrun (No Staff available to run event)

Snowden Field parkrun (Cycling Event - Car Parking)

Feltham parkrun (Shortage of operational staff at the YOI.)

Fritton Lake parkrun (Fritton Lake parkrun is under temporary suspension)

Holkham parkrun (Increased traffic on route due to food festival)

Millennium Country parkrun, Forest of Marston Vale (Forest Family Fun Day in park; park unavailable.)

Marlborough Common parkrun (Circus on Common)

Melksham parkrun (LOCAL FESTIVITIES)

Bournemouth parkrun (Airshow using park for cars:course unusable)

Prospect parkrun (Fun Colour Rush)

Mountbatten School parkrun (football tournament)

Brooklands parkrun (Brooklands fun day, access required to site)

Falkirk parkrun (Scottish Living History Festival in park)

Inverness parkrun (due to flooding. Bught/Whin park unusable.)

Ludlow parkrun (Woodpecker Rally)

Huddersfield parkrun (Large event in the park with key paths unusable.)


Biggest parkruns worldwide: Bushy Park, UK (1583), Rietvlei, South Africa (1255), Delta, South Africa (1164), Southampton, UK (1076), Milton Keynes, UK (1075), Bryanston, South Africa (1050), Botanical Garden, South Africa (1013), Bromley, UK (942), Golden Harvest, South Africa (909), Poole, UK (895),

Worldwide there were 1570 parkruns, and the total worldwide 5K parkrun population was 269863 parkrunners and 24387 volunteers (plus a few pending results).

Worldwide there were 297 junior parkruns, and the total worldwide junior parkrun population was 21949 parkrunners and 5719 volunteers (plus a few pending results).

In total therefore, there were 291812 parkrunners and 30106 volunteers (plus a few pending results).



23,509 people got their parkrun barcode this week

14,588 people became parkrunners this week

10,296 parkrunners did their 'difficult second parkrun' this week

8,518 parkrunners completed their parkrun hat trick this week

68,557 of 2,790,254 (2.5%) of runners on 1-9 parkruns, ran this week

35,465 of 425,123 (8.3%) of runners on 10-19 parkruns, ran this week

23,774 of 172,709 (13.8%) of runners on 20-29 parkruns, ran this week

18,022 of 93,203 (19.3%) of runners on 30-39 parkruns, ran this week

14,756 of 57,004 (25.9%) of runners on 40-49 parkruns, ran this week


1,269 parkrunners joined the 50 club

44,262 of 135,051 (32.8%) of runners on 50-99 parkruns, ran this week


667 parkrunners joined the 100 club

21,498 of 48,142 (44.7%) of runners on 100-149 parkruns, ran this week


289 parkrunners ran their 150th parkrun this week

10,991 of 19,335 (56.8%) of runners on 150-199 parkruns, ran this week


162 parkrunners ran their 200th parkrun this week

5,834 of 8,617 (67.7%) of runners on 200-249 parkruns, ran this week


89 parkrunners joined the 250 club

2,899 of 4,056 (71.5%) of runners on 250-299 parkruns, ran this week


47 parkrunners ran their 300th parkrun this week

1,273 of 1,657 (76.8%) of runners on 300-349 parkruns, ran this week


22 parkrunners ran their 350th parkrun this week

556 of 672 (82.7%) of runners on 350-399 parkruns, ran this week


6 parkrunners ran their 400th parkrun this week

227 of 265 (85.7%) of runners on 400-449 parkruns, ran this week


2 parkrunners ran their 450th parkrun this week

98 of 109 (89.9%) of runners on 450-499 parkruns, ran this week


1 parkrunner joined the 500 club

54 of 61 (88.5%) of runners on 500-599 parkruns, ran this week


0 parkrunners ran their 600th parkrun this week

8 of 8 (100.0%) of runners on 600-699 parkruns, ran this week


0 parkrunners ran their 700th parkrun this week

1 of 1 (100.0%) of runners on 700-799 parkruns, ran this week


New members of the 500 Club: - Barbara SHUTTLEWORTH

New members of the Hoffman Club (50 different events in their first 50 parkruns): - Beccy JEPSON

New members of the Cowell Club (100 different events): - Stephen DAWSON, Melanie YOUNG, Karen HULME, Henry HAMILTON, Ann HALL, Alan HULME,

New members of the Freyne Club (250 different events): - none this week,

New members of the Clark Club (500 volunteer occasions): - none this week

Well done to the 323 hi-viz heroes who joined the Volunteer 25 club this week: Adam HOLBROOK, Adrienne QUARTLY, Alan SMITH, Alex PICKERING, Alfie STARMER, Alice RUTT, Alison RODDA, Alistair JONES, Allan LORENTSEN, Amelia SMITH, Amos SEDDON, Andrew BEACHAM, Andrew CALWELL, Andrew DANIELS, Andrew FERGUSON, Andrew LAYBOURN, Andy GREADY, Andy HALE, Angela GOSS, Anne-Marie KEHRES, Annemarie SPENCER, Arjan FEKKEN, Ashleigh SEMLER, Barbara DU PLESSIS, Barbara LUTHER, Ben BARKER, Ben SWAN, Bethan EVANS, Bjarne Stange NIELSEN, Brett MOBSBY, Brie TUSTIN, Brigitte BROICH, Brody RYLES, Bry MOSS, Cameron BEDDOWS, Cameron LOVE, Camilla CAMPBELL, Carina GREGORY, Caroline DIXON, Caroline GRUHN, Carolyn LINSELL, Cassandra MITCHELL, Chantel COLLIS, Charles JARMAN, Charlotte HISCOCK, Charmaine THERON, Chloe HAYHURST, Chris BLUCK, Chris CHESTNEY, Chris WALSH, Christine BROWN, Christopher LAW, Ciara SMYTH, Claire DADSWELL, Colin CHARLES, Colin HARE, Courtney NGOMANE, Craig PERRY, Cynthia COYNE, Daisy HARRISON, Damian SŁOWIK, Daniel CHIECHI, Daniel HUGHES, Daniel MCLAUGHLIN, Daniel TAYLOR, Dave MITCHELL, Dave WADDINGTON, David BATTERHAM, David GUNN, David HAYES, David MALLARD, Debbie COOPER, Debora WALKER, Demi-Rose FOULDS, Denis DENDRINOS, Diarmuid Ó SÚILLEABHÁIN, Dino ROUSSIAS, Djamal RAMOUL, Dominic TRANTER, Dominique VINECOMBE, Donal O'BRIEN, Dorothea KINDLEY, Dylan BROWN, Eliza HERMANN, Elizabeth CONNOLLY, Ellis JONES, Emily MOORE, Emma HAND, Emma LOCKWOOD, Eoin MURRAY, Erin CASSELL, Ernest BOWER, Euan ROBERTS, Evelyn FURLONGER, Fawzia WHITTUCK, Fiona EADES, Fiona MOSGROVE, Francis ALLEN, Freya BROSNAN, Gary BROWN, Gerard O'CARROLL, Gerry RYDER, Glenn LAWSON, Graham PARKINS, Hannah ELLENDER, Hannah MILLER, Hannah SORBIE, Hansie WEPENER, Harry RUANE, Heather FRENCH, Hema DAYA, Henry ORNA, Holly ALLEN, Holly SATTERLY, Iain WALLACE, Ian FOX, Ian SCOULER, Irene LIMING, Jaana RITVANEN, Jackie HESKETH, James BARRY, James PATERSON, Jane CROFT, Jane HOLT, Janet BRINDLEY, Janet LAKIN, Janet MAY, Jav SONDH, Jeannette FRANKLIN, Jeff ANSON, Jeffrey WOOLHOUSE, Jenny BAKER, Jenny HAYWOOD, Jenny WAKEMAN, Jerome GUZZO, Jess HURP, Jim HOLLAND, Joanna GARDNER, Joanna LYONS, Jodie BUDD, John CURRAN, John FLETCHER, John LEWIS, John PLEWS, John WHITELEGG, Jonah LIFE, Jonathan ASHENDEN, Josephine WRIGHT, Joy PERRY, Joyce WELSH, Judy COLSTON, Julia GAVIN, Julia LOECHERBACH, Julian CARR, Julie O'KEEFE, Kagiso MOALUSI, Karanveer LADHAR, Karen BOWSKILL, Katie DAVIES, Katy MULLETT, Keith BRAMHALL, Keith DAVIES, Keith STEPHENS, Kevin CAIRNS, Kevin DARRAGH, Kevin HAMBLETON, Kevin LIVERPOOL, Khatoenbi RAHAMAN, King Keung LAU, Kirsty MCKAY, Kylie TUCKER, Laura BASKEYFIELD, Laura SUTTON, Lauren CARNEY, Leighton JONES, Leo HOLROYD, Liam SCOTT, Liam STANDER, Lily HARRISON, Linda CHAPMAN, Linda MASTERTON, Linda NEW, Lindsey TANNER, Lisa CONSTANTINE, Lisa MCGINNIS, Lisa PIVALIZZA, Lisa ROLEFSON, Lise SEIERSEN, Lloyd FEBEY, Lorna HUGHES, Louis BOULLE, Louis HUGHES, Louise MCCURDY, Louise Susan BESTER, Lucina STUART, Lucy FRANKENBURG, Lyn CLEVERLY, Lyn MELLOR, Madeleine MCBROOM, Mae PULLAN, Magdaleen NEETHLING, Maggie ZERGI, Mahad YUSEF, Malcolm PEGGS, Maree LARCOMBE, Margo HAYNES, Marianne KINGSBURGH, Marianne PILKINGTON, Marie PHIPPS, Marion SERFONTEIN, Mark FIANDER, Mark GODDEN, Matthew KNIGHT, Meagan BROWN, Meg CHRISTIE, Mel ALLEN, Michael GROGAN, Michael HIGGS, Michael KASCAK, Michael MAN, Michael PLANT, Michael SPANNER, Mike PRIOR, Mike STANLEY, Mita CHUDASAMA, Monica FISK, Nadege RUTTER, Nancy HOWE, Nancy LEVESON, Natasha TATE, Neil COLEMAN, Neil GUNN, Neil HART, Niall KELLY, Nicola BULLOCK, Nicola MASON, Nicola STOCK, Oliver JACKSON, Oliver SMITH, Olivier V.G.M.M. NOLENS, Owen DAVIES, Pamela BANKS, Patrick CHAPPEL, Patrick MCCULLOUGH, Paul ANDERSON, Paul SPENCE, Paul SZEFER, Paul WAUGH, Paul WHITELAW, Paula ROBERTS, Pauline MCGULLION, Penny WALKER, Peter HICKMAN, Peter LOWE, Peter MOEHLE, Peter WOODS, Philippa CLARKE, Rafał MIKOŁAJCZYK, Rafał PUTAJ, Rhea WHOLEY, Rhys MCNABB, Roberta ECCLES, Rori RODELL, Russell RAY, Ruth ROSE, Ryan KENT, Sal MUFLAHI, Sally MCLEOD, Samra SAID, Sania KUMAR, Sara Jane MURRAY, Sarah BOWYER, Sarah EDGAR, Sarah GOODWIN, Sarah LANCHBURY, Sebastian GRAHAM, Sharon JONES, Shylee TAYLOR, Simon BURTON PYE, Simon RUBENS, Sindy WOO, Siobhan MCKINNEY, Sion ROBERTS, Sophie HUDSON, Stefan VAN TONDER, Stephanie BRIGHTON, Stephen BAXTER, Stephen DE SOUSA, Stephen DOUGLAS, Steve GOTHARD, Steve KIRK, Steve MORTIMORE, Steve NORBURNE, Steven KELLY, Steven WHITE, Stuart GORDON, Stuart WOOLF, Sue BAILEY, Sue SWAN, Sue WALKER, Surita GREYLING, Susan BRADFORD, Susan WALLER-TOYNE, Tim ROBINSON, Toby CLOSE, Toby HUNTER, Toby SYKES-WOOD, Tom J R BERRY, Toni MCINTOSH, Tracey RAMSAY, Tracy DENNING, Trevor LEE, Twane BOETTINGER, Vicky CLAXSON, Victoria ALLISON, Wes GIBSON, William DAWBER, William SILCOCK, Wilson COOPER, Zarina ADAMS, Александр БОЛЬШАКОВ, Сергей ЯСТРЕБОВ, Уточкин МИХАИЛ.