Elliott Line Stats - 11th August 2019

Biggest UK parkruns: Bushy Park (1194), Southampton (858), Poole (781), Edinburgh (764), Heaton Park (722), Chelmsford Central (675), Nonsuch (626), Tooting Common (624), Telford (600), Cardiff (583),

Median UK parkrun: Penistone (195),

Smallest UK parkruns: Stranmillis College (43), Lullingstone (42), Cheadle Hulme (42), The Pastures (40), Clifton (40), Beckton (40), Millom (39), Rostrevor (37), Newbiggin-by-the-Sea (36), Bevendean Down (35), Sudbury* (26), Wayland* (24), Black Combe* (24), Windy Nook (22), Swinfen* (22), Girvan Prom (22), Tern Hill* (19), Cotsford Fields (19), Cromhall* (16), Keppel* (12), Feltham* (11), Lower Drummans* (9), Bickershaw* (9), The Grange* (8), Springhill* (4),

(* Events marked with an asterisk are not open to the public, as they are in the grounds of a prison or YOI).

In the UK there were 7 new attendance records set: Babbs Mill (160), Berwyn (47), Cyclopark (184), Ellesmere Port (171), Lanark Moor (126), Manor Field, Whittlesey (173), Somerdale Pavilion (210),

There was 1 new UK parkrun: Sudbury* (26),

In the UK there were 568 parkruns, 128582 parkrunners and 12380 volunteers (plus pending results).

Of the UK parkruns that took place both last week and this week:

148 parkruns had higher attendance than last week,

394 parkruns had lower attendance than last week,

Tollcross, Brockenhurst, Gedling, Didcot, Winchester, Newbury, had precisely the same as last week,

The biggest increase in attendance (by number of parkrunners) was Antrim, with a change of 121,

The biggest increase in attendance (by percentage change) was Babbs Mill, with a change of 196%,

The biggest drop in attendance (by number of parkrunners) was Worthing, with a change of -325,

The biggest drop in attendance (by percentage change) was Fleetwood Promenade, with a change of -68%.


UK Cancellations this week:

March parkrun (Safety concerns due to predicted high winds)

Mersea Island parkrun (high winds forecast)

Peterborough parkrun (Strong winds - Park Closed)

Pocket parkrun (Risk to runners and volunteers from wind)

Sheringham parkrun (High winds forecasted)

Wimpole Estate parkrun (forecast winds over 50mph and closed parkland.)

Brandon Country Park parkrun (Cancelled- severe weather warning for wind speeds)

Blickling parkrun (Clear up after Ibiza Festival in the park.)

Bedford parkrun (We don't want anyone to get blown off to Oz)

Belton House parkrun (National Trust Event)

Mansfield parkrun (Core team not available)

Snowden Field parkrun (Safety concerns due to the high winds forecast)

Prudhoe Riverside parkrun (Flooding has created access issues to the park.)

Flatts Lane parkrun (Another event is taking place in park)

Kingston parkrun (Thames Meander half/marathon on the the towpath)

Osterley parkrun (Park closed; high winds with trees in full leaf)

Lyme Park parkrun (Flood damage in the park)

Preston parkrun (Classic Car Show)

Worsley Woods parkrun (Flooding on the course and more rain forecast.)

Chester parkrun (Course flooded due to recent heavy rainfall)

Chadderton Hall parkrun (Dr Kershaws charity duck race, vehicles on course.)

Ecos parkrun, Ballymena (Due to flooding and more rain forecast)

Falls parkrun, Belfast (Feile in Falls Park)

Crathes Castle parkrun (A geocaching event on; key paths unusable)

Elgin parkrun (flooding in parts of park - heavy rain forecast)

Huntingdon parkrun (Strong winds forecast in the park)

Holkham parkrun (Forecasted high winds make route unsafe)

Hadleigh parkrun, Essex (Cross country event)

Fritton Lake parkrun (Fritton Lake parkrun is under temporary suspension)

Dunstable Downs parkrun (Strong winds forecast)

Coldham’s Common parkrun (Forecast wind over 45mph limit agreed with Council)

Clare Castle parkrun (High winds, park at high risk of falling debris)

Clacton Seafront parkrun (due to events of 8th August on Clacton Seafront)

Cambridge parkrun (High winds forecast mean the park is closed)

Brentwood parkrun (Essex County Parks closed park due to high wind)

Sittingbourne parkrun (Art in the Park event; all day)

Woking parkrun (Pride in Surrey event taking place in the park)

Bognor Regis parkrun (Very strong winds, safety couldnt be assured.)

Ashford parkrun (High Winds forecast, safety of runners, volunteer)

Alice Holt parkrun (Forestry England requested due to safety concerns)

Ashton Court parkrun (Bristol Balloon Fiesta will be on at Ashton Court)

Killerton parkrun (High winds..risk if fallen trees)

Plymvalley parkrun (Due to a yellow weather warning)

Yeovil Montacute parkrun (Forecast of high winds)

Fire Service College parkrun (Forecasted high winds/site safety)

Bath Skyline parkrun (Gusts forecast 40mph+ - risk of trees falling)

Shorne Woods parkrun (Strong winds forecast)

Seaford Beach parkrun (Another sports event on our route)

Higginson parkrun, Marlow (Fallen trees on course - sorry everyone.)

Hastings parkrun (High winds and high tide; possible flying debris.)

Aberdare parkrun (Debris and standing and moving water on course.)

Colby parkrun (High winds & heavy rain forecasted)

Gnoll parkrun (High wind and falling branches.)

Llanelli Coast parkrun (High winds & rain forecast ,yellow warning.)

Llyn Llech Owain parkrun (high winds and danger of falling trees)

Maesteg parkrun (High winds, risk of tree fall & flooding)

Merthyr parkrun (Due to driving rain and wind on course)

Newport parkrun (high winds forecast and potential safety concerns)

Penallta parkrun (Bad weather has made paths unsafe or waterlogged.)

Pontypridd parkrun (Park being used for event - all routes unusable)

Porthcawl parkrun (Due to the adverse weather conditions)

Rogiet parkrun (Severe weather warning inc flooding and high winds)

Severn Bridge parkrun (Potentially Dangerous Running conditions)

Kingsbury Water parkrun (Flooding and forecast high winds)

Perry Hall parkrun (Enviroment Agency issued flood warning in the park)

Shrewsbury parkrun (Shrewsbury Flower Show)

Aberbeeg parkrun (Weather Conditions and the safety of all invovled)

Conyngham Hall parkrun (Segway event in park; key paths unusable)

Normanby Hall parkrun (Severe weather warning making woodland unsafe)

Rother Valley parkrun (Big Run Event)

Roundhay parkrun (Ed Sheeran concert in the park)


Biggest parkruns worldwide: North Beach, South Africa (1588), Bushy Park, UK (1194), Delta, South Africa (1051), Botanical Garden, South Africa (1034), Rietvlei, South Africa (933), Golden Harvest, South Africa (888), Bryanston, South Africa (871), Southampton, UK (858), Umhlanga, South Africa (783), Poole, UK (781),

Worldwide there were 1500 parkruns, and the total worldwide 5K parkrun population was 226189 parkrunners and 22108 volunteers (plus a few pending results).

Worldwide there were 283 junior parkruns, and the total worldwide junior parkrun population was 17265 parkrunners and 5241 volunteers (plus a few pending results).

In total therefore, there were 243454 parkrunners and 27349 volunteers (plus a few pending results).



21,836 people got their parkrun barcode this week

11,740 people became parkrunners this week

8,632 parkrunners did their 'difficult second parkrun' this week

6,854 parkrunners completed their parkrun hat trick this week

55,318 of 2,760,308 (2.0%) of runners on 1-9 parkruns, ran this week

28,722 of 420,013 (6.8%) of runners on 10-19 parkruns, ran this week

19,598 of 170,448 (11.5%) of runners on 20-29 parkruns, ran this week

15,042 of 92,023 (16.3%) of runners on 30-39 parkruns, ran this week

12,608 of 56,046 (22.5%) of runners on 40-49 parkruns, ran this week


1,101 parkrunners joined the 50 club

38,080 of 132,991 (28.6%) of runners on 50-99 parkruns, ran this week


552 parkrunners joined the 100 club

19,226 of 47,227 (40.7%) of runners on 100-149 parkruns, ran this week


269 parkrunners ran their 150th parkrun this week

9,970 of 18,950 (52.6%) of runners on 150-199 parkruns, ran this week


135 parkrunners ran their 200th parkrun this week

5,324 of 8,374 (63.6%) of runners on 200-249 parkruns, ran this week


78 parkrunners joined the 250 club

2,625 of 3,914 (67.1%) of runners on 250-299 parkruns, ran this week


30 parkrunners ran their 300th parkrun this week

1,177 of 1,600 (73.6%) of runners on 300-349 parkruns, ran this week


11 parkrunners ran their 350th parkrun this week

506 of 636 (79.6%) of runners on 350-399 parkruns, ran this week


6 parkrunners ran their 400th parkrun this week

219 of 254 (86.2%) of runners on 400-449 parkruns, ran this week


5 parkrunners ran their 450th parkrun this week

83 of 104 (79.8%) of runners on 450-499 parkruns, ran this week


1 parkrunner joined the 500 club

50 of 59 (84.7%) of runners on 500-599 parkruns, ran this week


0 parkrunners ran their 600th parkrun this week

6 of 8 (75.0%) of runners on 600-699 parkruns, ran this week


0 parkrunners ran their 700th parkrun this week

1 of 1 (100.0%) of runners on 700-799 parkruns, ran this week


New members of the 500 Club: - Nicola WHITFORD

New members of the Hoffman Club (50 different events in their first 50 parkruns): - Ross GLEN

New members of the Cowell Club (100 different events): - Tim NEAL-HOPES, Fin O'REGAN, Errard SULLIVAN, Desiree LUNDSTROM, David G HULL, Chris JANSEN, Catherine TOMBS, Andy KINNEY,

New members of the Freyne Club (250 different events): - Matthew Robert WATERIDGE,

New members of the Clark Club (500 volunteer occasions): - none this week

Well done to the 269 hi-viz heroes who joined the Volunteer 25 club this week: Abi GLASSUP, Adrian COURTENAY, Agata Anna DUBIAŁ, Alan JONES, Alexander BLOOMFIELD, Alfie MARLOG, Amy MORTIMORE, Amy PETRIDIS, Andrea ALLEN, Andrea BUDDEN, Andreas BRUST, Andrew G GREY, Andrew MILLHOUSE, Andrew OAKLEY, Andy MARTELL, Angela MILLER, Anna-Lena NEUMANN, Anne Maree ALLANSON, Annemarie BOSHOFF, Anne-Marie DYAR, Annette CAESAR, Antony WELLER, Aoife KELLEHER, Archie LUCAS, Arthur GRANT, Ashley PINDER, Astrid GIBBON, Austin ADKISON, Barbara ABSOLON, Barbara MCLEAN, Ben ALLISTON, Ben TUFF, Ben WOOD, Bev HALL, Bhavik MAKKAN, Bradley O'PREY-MORTON, Brenda MCFADYEN, Brian JOHNSTON, Bronagh STOCKMAN, Brooke JONES, Caitriona CULLEN, Caitriona HALPIN, Carl MOYNAN, Carol HUSTLER, Caroline JONES, Carolyn BARTON, Catrin DAVIES-PERKINS, Chloe FITZPATRICK, Chris TUNKS, Christiane KLOOS, Clinton MCDONALD, Conor HEAVIN, Conor MCEWEN, Damian ESTRELLA, Danella BRAY, Daniel HAROLD, Danny SAMPSON, Dariusz BAJEŃSKI, Darren BARFIELD, Dave SMITH, David GUINANE, David John DEVENNIE, David MARKHAM, Dermot COFFEY, Dewald KOEKEMOER, Dominic ALBRECHT, Dominic BATEMAN, Dominic WATTS, Don DOE, Dov WATERMAN, Eddie LOVERING, Elaine STARMER, Elle-Mae ALLERTON, Elliott HARDCASTLE, Elspeth CAMERON, Emma MCGRATH, Esther GRAVES, Evelyn BIDDULPH, Garry CRADDOCK, Geoff MARCHMENT, Gerda VAN DER WALT, Gerry HARTEN, Gina INCE, Graham CARBUTT, Graham RISDALE, Greg LESLIE, Guy ANSTISS, Gwenda JORDAN, Hannah BEHRENDT, Hayley WRIGHT, Helen BRAY, Henrietta MCCABE, Henrik SMALLWOOD, Hilary MCNAMARA, Iain CALLANDER, Ian REID, Ian THORLEY, Ina WEFER, Irene SLATER, Isabelle GUILLEMOT-BARBOUR, Jackie KEY, Jackie TOMBS, Jacqui FRANCIS, Jag MATHARU, James CARROLUS, James KIRK, James WOOLER, Jan KÄDING, Janet HALES, Janine KENT, Jeanette GEGG, Jeanne HUDSON, Jeff HARRIS, Jenny GALLACHER, Jenny GORDON, Jessica TICHY, Joanne BOOCOCK, John CASSON, John CONEFREY, John GREENWOOD, John HOLLAND, John O'NEILL, John TUTTY, John YEAN, Joshua LANE, Joyce HARRISON, Judy MOORE, Julia LEJMAN, Julie CARROLL, Julie DAGG, Julie DENTON, Julie GIBBS, Karen OLIVEIRA, Karen OLIVER, Kathleen WALLINGTON, Kelsey PAGE, Ken HOMAN, Kerri-Louise ROOKE, Kevin Anthony FREEMAN, Kieran HAMMILL, Krista COWEN, Kristy EDSTROM, Lachie TUCK, Lachlan RILEY, Laila CHAPMAN, Les NEWBY, Lettie VAN DER WALT, Liam MC GRATH, Lily HOOK, Lina STEVENS, Lionel CURTIS, Lisa CATON, Lisa KEANE, Lisa PIPER, Lisa SAGAR, Liz WESTBROOK, Louise DRAYTON, Louise LAMBERT, Louise WRIGHT, Luke LANGFORD, Lynne HOOD, Maggie HOAD, Malcolm SMITH, Margaret COOPER, Marge WEBSTER, Maria SMITH, Marie HALLORAN, Mark LESLIE, Mark YATE, Martin DAVIES, Martin SALES, Mat KELLY, Matilda CARTER, Matt BONE, Matthew WHITMILL, Maureen BROWN, Max BECVAR, Melinda COSGROVE, Meryl BURGESS, Michael CORRIS, Michael HERBERT, Michael ROOKE, Michael STEPHENSON, Michelle PEARSON, Misha HUNT, Monicah OAKLEY, Natasha MAKKAN, Neville KIRSTEN, Nicholas GIBBS, Nick JONES, Nick PEARSON, Nicky HERRIOT, Nicolas DUSSAULT, Nicoletta PAGNI, Oliver BONACCORSO, Olivia HARDER, Olov HANSEN, Patryk BOROWIEC, Paul BLEASE, Paul FOY, Paul STACK, Paul THOMAS, Paula WHELAN, Pauline CURLEY, Peter ARGALL, Phil CLARK, Pippa ALLAN, Rachael SPANNER, Rachel COSSEY, Radley FENN, Reah LEBATTIE, Rebecca HARRIS, Richard FOX, Richard MUSCAT, Richard NASH, Richard PENNY, Richard ROBERTS, Richard TINNISWOOD, Richard VENABLES, Ricky YU, Robby HEDGES, Robert COOPER, Robert STEEVES, Robert TREBY, Rosalyn COOKE, Rosanna RAVEN, Ruth BATCHELAR, Sally GROVES, Sally KINGSTON, Sally SCHADE, Sam HOLMES, Samantha FARRELL, Sanet VAN MOERKERKEN, Sarah HACKING, Sharon CHETWYND, Sharon COLES, Sharon COLFER, Simon KING, Siobhán NUGENT, Sophie ALLISTON, Sophie TANG, Stephen SHANKS, Steve LINDSAY, Steve WILSON, Stuart BROWN, Sue SIMPSON, Sue TIZARD, Susan LEWIS, Sylvie N NAIDOO, Ted WILLIAMS, Teresa LOUGHBROUGH, Thomas LLOYD, Timothy CHAPMAN, Tom FERGUSON, Tony BURKE, Tony MELVILLE, Tracey CHAPPELL, Trevor ELLIOTT, Veronica BODELL, Vivienne BELL, Vusi Prince NGWENYA, Wendy SKEENS, Wesley MCGREGOR, Zoe WILLIAMS, Алексей КОРЯКИН, Кирилл ПЕТРОВ, Ксения ГОРШКОВА, Любовь ГОРБУНОВА, Татьяна СЕМЕНОВА.