Elliott Line Stats - 9th June 2019

Biggest UK parkruns: Bushy Park (1265), Southampton (964), Cardiff (782), Nonsuch (778), Poole (769), Chelmsford Central (733), Tooting Common (631), Hull (626), Tilgate (598), York (590),

Median UK parkrun: Barry Island (184),

Smallest UK parkruns: Mount Edgcumbe (35), Beckton (34), Warren Hill* (33), Bevendean Down (33), The Pastures (32), Wayland* (31), Feltham* (31), Gainsborough (30), Rostrevor (29), Millom (29), Springhill* (27), Berwyn* (26), Girvan Prom (24), Swinfen* (21), Clifton (20), Windy Nook (18), Black Combe* (18), Cromhall* (17), Tern Hill* (14), Parc* (14), Bickershaw* (12), Cotsford Fields (10), The Grange* (9), Lower Drummans* (6), Keppel* (6),

(* Events marked with an asterisk are not open to the public, as they are in the grounds of a prison or YOI).

In the UK there were 5 new attendance records set: Bethlem Royal Hospital (216), Ecos (273), Manor Field, Whittlesey (127), Montrose (219), Sloughbottom (194),

There was 1 new UK parkrun: Thomas Mills (171),

In the UK there were 597 parkruns, 125774 parkrunners and 12875 volunteers (plus pending results from Sheffield Castle, Hilltop and Walton).

Of the UK parkruns that took place both last week and this week:

67 parkruns had higher attendance than last week,

510 parkruns had lower attendance than last week,

Girvan Prom, Brundall, Halifax, Wanstead Flats, Kingston, had precisely the same as last week,

The biggest increase in attendance (by number of parkrunners) was York, with a change of 229,

The biggest increase in attendance (by percentage change) was Feltham, with a change of 182%,

The biggest drop in attendance (by number of parkrunners) was Leamington, with a change of -448,

The biggest drop in attendance (by percentage change) was Churchfields Farm, with a change of -77%.


UK Cancellations this week:

Clapham Common parkrun (Enormous Elephant Run on course (5k and 10k 10:30))

Fritton Lake parkrun (Fritton Lake parkrun is under temporary suspension)

Colchester Castle parkrun (Queen's birthday celebrations, route out of bounds)

Bury St Edmunds parkrun (Another event being held in the park that weekend)

Rutland Water parkrun (Rescheduled Cicle sportive. No parking available.)

Kew Woods parkrun (Low hanging branches - course is unsafe to run)

Heaton parkrun (Parklife Festival in the park over the weekend)

Bolton parkrun (Travellers in the park)

Larne parkrun (Horse and Pony Show in park; additional H&S risk)

Antrim parkrun (Antrim Festival in the gardens. Route unusable.)

Ayr parkrun (Dog Event in the park)

Strathclyde parkrun (Scottish Championships Rowing Regatta)

Brockwell parkrun, Herne Hill (Major festival in Brockwell Park)

Colwick parkrun (Detonate Festival 2019)

March parkrun (Park is unavailable due to Summer Fayre)

Kesgrave parkrun (Kesgrave Fun Day; set up space required)

Houghton Hall parkrun (Family Festival Event in the park)

Henley-on-Thames parkrun (Dangerous tree on the course)

East Brighton parkrun (The "Land Beyond" music festival is taking place.)

Shepton Mallet parkrun (Collett Park Day paths unusable)

Bodelwyddan Castle parkrun (Bad weather, protecting park grounds from damage)

Rogiet parkrun (Excess standing water in the park.)

Woodley parkrun (Woodley Carnival taking place in the park.)

Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun (Park booked for a Soap Box Rally)

Telford parkrun (Event on in the park)

Conyngham Hall parkrun (Knaresborough Bed Race, key areas unavailable)

Heslington parkrun (Significant deterioration of part of the course)

Penistone parkrun (Park in use for Penistone Gala Weekend)

Peter Pan parkrun (There is another event in the park on the 8th June)

Rother Valley parkrun (Park unusable due to Hovercraft Championship event)

Roundhay parkrun (World triathlon in the park)

Wetherby parkrun (Wetherby Athletic Junior Gala being held on fields)


Biggest parkruns worldwide: North Beach, South Africa (1999), Bushy Park, UK (1265), Bryanston, South Africa (1121), Delta, South Africa (1115), Southampton, UK (964), Rietvlei, South Africa (942), Botanical Garden, South Africa (933), Umhlanga, South Africa (905), Golden Harvest, South Africa (806), Cardiff, UK (782),

Worldwide there were 1471 parkruns, and the total worldwide 5K parkrun population was 227862 parkrunners and 22270 volunteers (plus a few pending results).

Worldwide there were 273 junior parkruns, and the total worldwide junior parkrun population was 23074 parkrunners and 5072 volunteers (plus a few pending results).

In total therefore, there were 250936 parkrunners and 27342 volunteers (plus a few pending results).



23,287 people got their parkrun barcode this week

11,845 people became parkrunners this week

8,566 parkrunners did their 'difficult second parkrun' this week

7,169 parkrunners completed their parkrun hat trick this week

56,674 of 2,677,188 (2.1%) of runners on 1-9 parkruns, ran this week

30,021 of 407,168 (7.4%) of runners on 10-19 parkruns, ran this week

19,904 of 164,577 (12.1%) of runners on 20-29 parkruns, ran this week

15,357 of 88,624 (17.3%) of runners on 30-39 parkruns, ran this week

12,390 of 53,867 (23.0%) of runners on 40-49 parkruns, ran this week


1,152 parkrunners joined the 50 club

37,843 of 127,035 (29.8%) of runners on 50-99 parkruns, ran this week


526 parkrunners joined the 100 club

18,675 of 44,789 (41.7%) of runners on 100-149 parkruns, ran this week


249 parkrunners ran their 150th parkrun this week

9,732 of 17,868 (54.5%) of runners on 150-199 parkruns, ran this week


120 parkrunners ran their 200th parkrun this week

5,010 of 7,737 (64.8%) of runners on 200-249 parkruns, ran this week


73 parkrunners joined the 250 club

2,419 of 3,539 (68.4%) of runners on 250-299 parkruns, ran this week


31 parkrunners ran their 300th parkrun this week

1,100 of 1,440 (76.4%) of runners on 300-349 parkruns, ran this week


9 parkrunners ran their 350th parkrun this week

451 of 567 (79.5%) of runners on 350-399 parkruns, ran this week


0 parkrunners ran their 400th parkrun this week

195 of 225 (86.7%) of runners on 400-449 parkruns, ran this week


6 parkrunners ran their 450th parkrun this week

74 of 88 (84.1%) of runners on 450-499 parkruns, ran this week


1 parkrunner joined the 500 club


45 of 50 (90.0%) of runners on 500-599 parkruns, ran this week


0 parkrunners ran their 600th parkrun this week

7 of 8 (87.5%) of runners on 600-699 parkruns, ran this week


0 parkrunners ran their 700th parkrun this week

1 of 1 (100.0%) of runners on 700-799 parkruns, ran this week


New members of the Hoffman Club (50 different events in their first 50 parkruns): Michelle STEER,

New members of the Cowell Club (100 different events): Ste ROBSON, Sean BRISCOMB, Scott MACMICHAEL, Roger S WILSON, Rob MILLARD, Leon STRYDOM, John BUCHANAN, Jacob SMILES,

New members of the Freyne Cub (250 different events): none this week,


Well done to the 308 hi-viz heroes who joined the Volunteer 25 club this week: Aaron CHAMBERS, Aaron INCE, Adam COLEMAN, Alec HARRIS, Aleksandra JASIUCHNA, Alex WILSON, Alison HEYWOOD, Alison WAUDBY-WEST, Andrew ALCHIN, Andrew BRISCOE, Andrew MURPHY, Andrew PASK, Andrew WEAVER, Andrew WHEELDON, Andries ERLANK, Andy JONES, Anecia JOHNSON, Anna LEAMON, Annabel PHILLIPS, Ann-Marie MANNING, April WARBURTON, Arwen WILCOCK, Ash WILKS, Aveline EOGA, Barry CHAMBERS, Barry GREENOW, Barry WILLIAMS, Benedict PEARCE, Benjamin BRADLEY, Benjamin HIGGINS, Bennie KRUGER, Beryl BUNNING, Beth BARNES, Bob JOHNSTON, Bob MORRIS, Brenda CLARKE, Brendan HOWARD, Brian SIMPSON, Bridget DEASY, Bronwen LAFFERTY, Bronwyn HENSCHELL, Carl WEBB, Carmel KENNEDY-MAHON, Carole URWIN, Caroline BOWEN, Caroline WALSH, Carolyn EDWARDS, Cate MULLEN, Chane MONTGOMERY, Charles DICKS, Charlie HARRISON, Charlotte BANYARD, Charlotte IMLACH, Chica WIXON, Chris BEDFORD, Chris PLUMMER, Chris SMITH, Chrissy WELSH, Christiaan ROUX, Christine HUTCHINS, Christine LAIDLAW, Christine MILLER, Christopher A SAWYER, Christopher PARKER-HAIM, Christy GILLERT, Claire KERR, Claire PIKE, Claire SOLANKI, Colin ROBINSON, Damian PIERIES, Dan GRITTON, Darcey WALLIS, Dave ONLEY, David MCCARTHY, Deborah WINSHIP, Dee JONES, Delia GARDNER, Demi WILLIAMS, Dennis O'KEEFE, Di BAILEY, Diana HEATH, Diane HARDY, Donna DICKENSON, Dorothy JACKSON, E PHAM, Eamonn HUGHES, Ebrahim MOHAMED, Edith OSBOURNE, Eimear KNIGHT, Elaine EVERSON, Elaine JACKSON, Eleanor BERNEY, Elizabeth Jane BLOCKI, Elizabeth VENABLES, Ellen FORREST, Ellie CLARK, Emily STEADMAN, Emma WILLIAMS, Erika NEL, Erika VAN ASWEGEN, Esmé DU TOIT, Estelle FOURIE, Esti FOURIE, Ethan BROWN, Evie WHITE, Fiona BRAZIL, Fiona BYFIELD, Frances ASTILL, Gandhi SUPPIAH, Gav ASHER, Gemma NG, Georgie QUICK, Georgina MCGHIE, Gill MILLICHEAP, Grace TAYLOR, Graeme SALISBURY, Graham ROUGHTON, Graham WALTON, Grahame STANLEY, Halina DUBIAL, Hannah HUGHES, Hannah PADBURY, Harriet HUGHES, Hayley STRIVENS, Heidi VAN TONDER, Helen GRIFFIN, Ian BLACKMAN, Ian PENSON, Jack NEWTON, Jake BYCROFT, James GUNN, Janet LONGCAKE, Janet MACPHERSON, Janett BAKER, Janette POLSON, Jarrod ASTON-ASSENHEIM, Jasmine TAYLOR, Jayne COX, Jean MELLOR, Jennifer HURSON, Jennifer MILLS, Jill MAGEE, Jim OVENS, Joan CUNNIAM, Joanne BAILEY, Joanne KIRKHAM, Joel MARSDEN, Johan A CONRADIE, Johannes BOHR, John DICKASON, John HARRISON, Jose SANTOS, Joshua SELFRIDGE, Jude MORTON, Julia CHRISTY, Justin VICARAGE, Kah GOH, Karen WALKER, Katherine MADDOCK, Katie STEWART, Katrina SCHOLEFIELD, Keagan MALAN, Kelly CLANCY, Ken SCHACK-EVANS, Kerry DARCH, Kevan RUSSELL, Kieran O'KEEFFE, Laura SULLIVAN, Lauryn HENRY, Leah RUSSELL-YARDE, Leo MELBOURNE, Leon GOLDSACK, Leonie TRAEGER, Linda MCSHANE, Lindsay O'KANE, Lindsay REEVES, Linnet ALEXANDER, Lorraine BAILEY, Lotty BRADFORD, Louisa REA, Louise GABELL, Louise PEACOCK, Louise THOMPSON, Lucas COXALL, Lucy DEAN, Lucy JOHNSON, Lucy MAY, Lucy MORGAN, Maddy MARKHAM, Madoc HAWKER, Maggie WATSON, Mandy LUCAS, Margaret FOXCROFT, Margaret GALLAGHER, Mariusz KANIEWSKI, Mark HINKLEY, Mark MALONEY, Mark NEWMAN, Martin GAUDIE, Matthew MASON, Maureen MORGAN, Megan AMBLER, Megan BASTOCK, Megan FOSTER, Melvin CARR, Meredith LANE, Michael JAMES, Michael RALSTON, Michelle REEVES, Mieczysław NOWACKI, Mike SAUNDERS, Mike SLEATH, Milz DECHNIK, Mo WARRILLOW, Moira MCDOWALL, Monica KEANE, N CARR, Naomi STANLEY, Natalie GOODLICH, Neil HEMPSTEAD, Neil HERON, Neil PHILLIPS, Neil WILSON, Nell GAIR, Nessie LUCAS, Nicola BROWN, Nicola MENESES, Noreen Elizabeth REES, Norman LAWRENCE, Olivia PAVEY-ROTH, Patrick Pulido ULVANG, Paul CLEASBY, Paul GILBERT, Paul JONES, Paul MCKENDRY, Paulo LOPES, Peta LAGER, Peter MAYNARD, Peter NGWENYA, Philip THOMAS, Philippa JONES, Philippa SALES, Rajinderjit DUHRA, Riaan DE KOCK, Richard MCKENNA, Rick RUTTEN, Ronald WALMSLEY, Sally FISHER, Sam BRADWELL, Sam DRINKWATER, Sam TWITE, Samuel MADDISON, Sandra FRANCIS, Sarah CIRCO, Sarah COOKE, Sarah HUSKINSON, Sarah MYERS, Sarah YOUNG, Selina DAVEY, Simon BOOTH, Simon CARR, Simon HEYS, Simon PARKES, Simon YATES-TAYLOR, Sophia LEE-BAUM, Sophie ALLEN, Sophie HENDERSON, Sophie KENWRIGHT, Stephanie BENNETT, Stephen CHAPMAN, Stephen JONES, Stephen WALKER, Steve MARTIN, Steven PARSONS, Stuart HAWORTH, Stuart HEATON, Sue KENNEDY, Sue KIDD, Sue YENDLEY, Susan COWIE, Susan GLOVER, Susan WHEATCROFT, Tessa BOSHOFF, Theresa GRIMES, Therese SMALLEY, Tim THORNTON, Tim WOOD, Tommy HEALY, Tony BECK, Tony CARLYLE, Tony GANNAWAY, Tony MORLEY, Tracy ASHLEY, Val BEDWELL, Val HANCOCK, Victoria ROWE-SHAWYER, Wendy CARLYLE, Wendy LE COMBER, Wiesława GRZEGOWSKA, William HOPKINS, Willie VAN ASWEGEN, Winn WINN, Zexiao XIAO, Владимир ВЕСЕЛОВ, Владислав СВИТКИН, Дарья СЕДОВА, Екатерина БАЛАШОВА, Мазурова НАТАЛЬЯ.