Elliott Line Stats - 17th March 2019

Biggest UK parkruns: Bushy Park (1234), Southampton (1040), Cannon Hill (837), Coventry (815), Cardiff (744), Chelmsford Central (706), Nonsuch (703), Bromley (681), Fulham Palace (639), Tooting Common (636),

Median UK parkrun: Poolsbrook (174),

Smallest UK parkruns: New Earswick (29), Maesteg (29), Limavady (28), Bevendean Down (28), Fleetwood Promenade (27), Aviemore (27), Rostrevor (24), Warren Hill* (22), Cheadle Hulme (22), Lanark Moor (21), Girvan Prom (19), Wayland* (17), Windy Nook (16), Millom (16), Cromhall* (16), Tern Hill* (15), Hilltop* (15), Feltham* (15), Cotsford Fields (14), Black Combe* (14), Berwyn* (13), Springhill* (11), Lower Drummans* (8), Bickershaw* (8), Keppel* (6),

(* Events marked with an asterisk are not open to the public, as they are in the grounds of a prison or YOI).

In the UK there were 5 new attendance records set: Aldenham (209), Hackney Marshes (428), Maidenhead (465), Medina I.O.W. (487), Melksham (300),

There was 1 new UK parkrun: Berwyn* (13),

In the UK there were 556 parkruns, 118820 parkrunners and 12259 volunteers (plus pending results).

Of the UK parkruns that took place both last week and this week:

130 parkruns had higher attendance than last week,

402 parkruns had lower attendance than last week,

Keppel, Bickershaw, Springhill, Millom, Gainsborough, East Brighton, Bakewell, Harlow, Brooklands, Clapham Common, Tooting Common, had precisely the same as last week,

The biggest increase in attendance (by number of parkrunners) was Medina I.O.W., with a change of 225,

The biggest increase in attendance (by percentage change) was Kirkwall, with a change of 289%,

The biggest drop in attendance (by number of parkrunners) was Edinburgh, with a change of -393,

The biggest drop in attendance (by percentage change) was Lower Drummans, with a change of -81%.

UK Cancellations this week:

Storthes Hall parkrun (Safety concerns due to high winds and heavy rain)

Sheffield Hallam parkrun (Weather-High winds and danger of trees falling)

Temple Newsam parkrun (Paths unusable due to another event in the park)

Belton House parkrun (High winds - safety risk - parkland will not open.)

Blickling parkrun (High winds forecast, park closed by Blickling NT.)

Brentwood parkrun (High Winds have caused tree damage - park closed)

Brundall parkrun (Standing water and mud, course unsafe for parkrun)

Dunstable Downs parkrun (High winds and a couple of trees down in the woods)

Holkham parkrun (Run cancelled due to forecasted high winds)

Mulbarton parkrun (Course conditions and risks to safety of runners)

Sheringham parkrun (High Winds in Park)

Blackhill parkrun (Too slippy due to snowfall)

The Pastures parkrun (Poor weather conditions.)

Barrow parkrun (High winds & weather warnings - gusts up to 50mph)

Burnley parkrun (Adverse weather conditions rain and flooding.)

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge (Lakeshore is flooded)

Lancaster parkrun (Met Office weather warning for high winds from 4am)

Drumchapel parkrun (Too slippy after snowfall)

Dunfermline parkrun (Adverse weather)

Hay Lodge parkrun (weather -snow on paths and dangerous roads)

Inverness parkrun (Bught Park and Whin Park both waterlogged)

Linwood parkrun (Major swimming gala at ON-X. No parking facilities)

Plean parkrun (Snow - deteriorating weather and road conditions)

Pollok parkrun, Glasgow (Slippy due to snow)

Ruchill parkrun (Snow and slush on route)

Vogrie parkrun (Snow: Poor driving conditions on roads to Vogrie.)

Hastings parkrun (Wind very strong)

Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun (Strong wind (40mph+). Risk of falling branches)

Shorne Woods parkrun (Strong winds forecast)

Fire Service College parkrun (Forecasted high winds/site safety)

Minehead parkrun (promenade works)

Mount Edgcumbe parkrun (Park closed to public due to high winds)

Parke parkrun (Yellow weather warning for high winds)

Plymvalley parkrun (Strong gusty winds with danger of falling branches)

Swindon parkrun (Canicross using the park)

Bodelwyddan Castle parkrun (Severe weather due, not enough volunteers either)

Colby parkrun (High winds forecasted)

Erddig parkrun (due to ongoing bad weather and waterlogged carpark)

Groe parkrun (Adverse Weather Conditions (Met Office Alert))

Hafan Pwllheli parkrun (Amber weather warning High winds & rain)

Llanelli Coast parkrun (Met office warning of high winds& heavy rain.)

Llyn Llech Owain parkrun (Forecast of high winds and unstable trees.)

Nant y Pandy parkrun (high likelihood of flooding & dangerous conditions)

Newport parkrun (Weather warning in place - high winds cause issues)

Penrhyn parkrun (Site closed due to forecasted high winds)

Henley Wood parkrun, Oswestry (Because of weather warnings and participant safety)

Ludlow parkrun (Adverse weather; high winds)

Brighouse parkrun (Course flooded)

Bramley parkrun (essential repairs in the park pavilion)

Shrewsbury parkrun (Flooding on course)


Biggest parkruns worldwide: North Beach, South Africa (1729), Botanical Garden, South Africa (1353), Rietvlei, South Africa (1337), Delta, South Africa (1313), Bushy Park, UK (1234), Bryanston, South Africa (1190), Root 44, South Africa (1140), Gilloolys, South Africa (1109), Golden Harvest, South Africa (1095), Bellville, South Africa (1095),

Worldwide there were 1390 parkruns, and the total worldwide 5K parkrun population was 231858 parkrunners and 21176 volunteers (plus a few pending results).

Worldwide there were 264 junior parkruns, and the total worldwide junior parkrun population was 18442 parkrunners and 4828 volunteers (plus a few pending results).

In total therefore, there were 250300 parkrunners and 26004 volunteers (plus a few pending results).



22,722 people got their parkrun barcode this week

12,841 people became parkrunners this week

9,085 parkrunners did their 'difficult second parkrun' this week

8,096 parkrunners completed their parkrun hat trick this week

62,921 of 2,550,995 (2.5%) of runners on 1-9 parkruns, ran this week

30,546 of 384,380 (7.9%) of runners on 10-19 parkruns, ran this week

20,351 of 155,142 (13.1%) of runners on 20-29 parkruns, ran this week

15,402 of 83,511 (18.4%) of runners on 30-39 parkruns, ran this week

12,105 of 49,898 (24.3%) of runners on 40-49 parkruns, ran this week


1,076 parkrunners joined the 50 club

37,069 of 118,980 (31.2%) of runners on 50-99 parkruns, ran this week


542 parkrunners joined the 100 club

17,411 of 41,401 (42.1%) of runners on 100-149 parkruns, ran this week


245 parkrunners ran their 150th parkrun this week

8,884 of 16,262 (54.6%) of runners on 150-199 parkruns, ran this week


120 parkrunners ran their 200th parkrun this week

Exactly 200 parkrunners have run exactly 200 parkruns

4,560 of 6,961 (65.5%) of runners on 200-249 parkruns, ran this week


57 parkrunners joined the 250 club

2,063 of 3,068 (67.2%) of runners on 250-299 parkruns, ran this week


33 parkrunners ran their 300th parkrun this week

898 of 1,221 (73.5%) of runners on 300-349 parkruns, ran this week


15 parkrunners ran their 350th parkrun this week

376 of 484 (77.7%) of runners on 350-399 parkruns, ran this week


0 parkrunners ran their 400th parkrun this week

164 of 200 (82.0%) of runners on 400-449 parkruns, ran this week


1 parkrunner ran their 450th parkrun this week

59 of 67 (88.1%) of runners on 450-499 parkruns, ran this week


2 parkrunners joined the 500 club



36 of 40 (90.0%) of runners on 500-599 parkruns, ran this week


0 parkrunners ran their 600th parkrun this week

7 of 7 (100.0%) of runners on 600-699 parkruns, ran this week


0 parkrunners ran their 700th parkrun this week

1 of 1 (100.0%) of runners on 700-799 parkruns, ran this week



New members of the Charlton Club* (50 different events in their first 50 parkruns): Michael CHARLTON

New members of the Cowell Club (100 different events): Ken THOMAS, John BUTCHER, Helena BROADWAY, Graeme ADDISON, David ASKER, Brandon FAIRWEATHER,

New members of the Freyne Cub (250 different events): none this week,


* After controversy surrounding eponymous clubs, (much of it generated by Danny Norman of Norman club fame), I have decided to rename the Hoffman club not after the first person to achieve 50 events in their first 50 parkruns (Roderick Hoffman) but after the latest person or people to achieve it, therefore this week it is known as the Charlton club.


Well done to the 315 hi-viz heroes who joined the Volunteer 25 club this week: Adele WILSON, Adrian GLANVILL, Agnes GOODGAME, Ailbe VAN DER BLIAKE, Aileen SPANKIE, Alan NICOL, Alexandra GUTSCHE, Alison HUNT, Ally BAINTON, Amanda MCCORMACK, Andes GEIGER, Andrew JONES, Andrew WARDLAW, Andy LANGNER, Andy WAREHAM, Anet TROSKIE, Angus GRAY, Anja GISELA, Ann BROWN, Anthony WILKES, Antonie ROSSOUW, Barbara KOPCZYNSKA, Barbara SUSSMAN, Barry MCDONALD, Bec TAYLOR, Ben BLAMEY, Ben BRADSHAW, Bernard STORCH, Beryl TREMBLAY, Bill STUART, Blake RYAN, Brian MOORE, Bridget O'SULLIVAN, Bruce THOMSON, Cadan LAUNDER, Cadence WHITEHOUSE, Caleb HUMAN, Callum GUY, Carol HARTIN, Carol MCLOUGHLIN, Caroline WARDELL, Catherina BLOM, Cathryn CROLE, Cerys MCBRIEN, Chad GORDON, Charles GOADSBY, Cheryl CHILDS, Cheryl MACDONALD, Chris FERGUSON, Chris GAMMON, Chris JONES, Christine GREIG, Christopher QUELCH, Claire THURSTON, Clare CHILDS, Clare PICKAVANCE, Clive WILKINSON, Colin HANNANT, Conor MCBRIEN, Dalene SWIEGERS, Daley WITCOMBE, Daren APPLEBY, Darren WARD, Daryl RODDA, Dave RYAN, David BULL, David HEPWORTH, David MOODY, David RICKETTS, David SMITH, Dawn WATSON, Denise KING, Diana POWELL, Diana WEIGHTMAN, Donita CLAYTON, Dorothy CAWOOD, Duan PRETORIUS, Dwayne KARANJA, Edward PROTHERO, Eimear WYLIE, Eleanor PYRAH, Elizabeth ODOWD, Emily EUDEN, Emma BATTELLEY, Emma BENWELL, Erin MCELENY, Esme ANKINSON, Evgenii SHCHELOCHKOV, Faldiela MALLICK, Faron MORRISON, Felicity HALDANE, Fiona MINTERN, Gabriele HUGLI, Gary WILLS, Gavin SMITH, Genevieve Dawn LOCKER, Geoff HERRON, Geoffrey MCCLEAN, George WARREN, Gillian KENNEDY, Göran HAMRIN, Grainne STEPHENS, Grant MANN, H Matthew HOWARTH, Hannah GANNON, Hannah QUINLIVAN, Hannes(Jnr) VAN BROEKHUIZEN, Harriet HENSHALL, Harry Oliver DREW, Hayley MATHIE, Helena SYKES, Herman VAN BROEKHUIZEN, Hilary HUMPHREYS, Ian SCHIFFER, Ingrid CORBETT, Iona ALEXANDER, Isaac MOSANYA, Jack BYLES, James BEVAN, James MCCAFFEREY, Jane MCARTHUR, Janet BURKE, Janet FLANAGAN, Janette HALTON, Janice KRUGER, Jarred SCHOT, Jase KILBY, Jason GORE, Jenny HARRIS, Jill CARLSTROM, Jimmy BARTON, Jo AMOS, Jo GRANICH, Joanna THOMPSON, John CORNWELL, John D'ALBUQUERQUE, John FAWCETT, John FIELD, John LOHAN, John MCGRATH, Johnny FRIEL, Jon BOOTH, Jon KEMP, Jordan BERKELAAR, Joshua LIDDLE, Judy INCE, Julene KNOX, June HATTON, Karen HARRISON, Karen KOHLER, Katie MCAULEY, Kay SMITH, Kellie RATHBONE, Ken MORRIS, Kent BARAGLIA, Kerline LORANTIN, Kieran MEECHAN, Kim REYNARD, Kirsty ELLIOT, Krzysztof PIEŃKOWSKI, Kylie AVERY, Lana CHRISTMAS, Laura Kate STEWARD, Lauren RICE, Lavinia EDWARDS, Leanna SMITH, Leanne COUCH, Leanne SHRIVE, Lewis CRISPIN, Lila TUREK, Liz WRIGHT, Lola DALY, Lorinda DU PLOOY, Lorna ENGLAND, Louise MARTIN, Luke DOBSON, Lynda FELDMANIS, Lynette STEWART, Lynsey BARRACLOUGH, Maciej LEONIAK, Maddison JONES, Malden VICKERY, Malwina TUREK, Marek CHOŁOTA, Maria MORRIS, Marie BRENNAN, Marietjie WOLMARANS, Mark DRURY, Mark GROLIMUND, Mark SAVAGE, Martin FLAHERTY, Martin WALKER, Mary BATLEY, Matthew VON BULOW, Maureen MCGOVERN, Max RANSLEY, Maxine SELLS, Megan PEALL, Mia LOMBARD, Michael YEABSLEY, Michaela WRIGHT, Michelle PEARSON, Michiel HUMAN, Mick HANCOCK, Mike ISTED, Mike WHITE, Mogamat Monieb MALLICK, Moira SANKEY, Nancy PLATTS, Naomi DAWSON, Natalie SMIRTHWAITE, Nathanael AKINPITAN, Navjeet Singh GILL, Neil MORRIS, Neil SPENCER, Nick BARTON, Nicola BILLS, Nicola STEWART, Nigel ROTHERHAM, Olivia GASTON, Orla MULDOON, Pascal SIMBA, Patrick POWER, Paul DUNNE, Paul HIBBERT, Paul MARSHALL, Paul MCDAID, Pearl KAMSON, Peter DUFFELL-CANHAM, Peter HEAFIELD, Peter SOUTHERN, Phil GERARD, Phil ROSENBERG, Philip WHITE, Piotr ŁAGOWSKI, Polly RAWLINGS, Qiyaam MALLICK, Rachel ELLIKER, Rachel HODGE, Rachel HORSFALL, Rachel HULL, Rebecca TOPPING, Rhia DALBY, Rhys LITTLEFIELD, Richard BALLAM, Ritchie DIAPER, Rj VAN BROEKHUIZEN, Rob EATON, Robert BELL, Robert CRANSTONE, Roger MANN, Rohit DAYAMA, Rose PAPPIN, Rowan PUTMAN, Sally GREEN, Sam ARTHUR, Sam SPENCE, Sam WORGAN, Samir SHAH, Sandra PIDWELL, Sarah DODDS, Sarah HAMMOND WARD, Sarah MCANISH, Scott COLLIER, Scott MCCUE, Shane REYNOLDS, Sharon REARDON, Shay KOHLER, Shirley WALKER, Sian PHILLIPS, Simon LOCKLEY, Simon RULE, Sinead SHEPPARD, Sophie CHADWICK, Sophie CHATER, Stacey STORER, Stephen STRAFFORD, Steve SCHOOLAR, Steve STANDEN, Steven ALDER, Sue WILLIAMS, Suraj VALAND, Susan WILLIAMSON, Susannah HARDER, Suzanne CATLEY, Tara HARNETT, Toby HUNT, Tom ASHLEY, Tom BLAMEY, Tracy COX, Trevor GASPER, Tricia ALEXANDER, Tricia GOUGH, Trishen PILLAY, Trixie OON, Tsakane Wetlands, Val HALE, Vanessa MEHIGAN, Vera BOSEVSKI, Will B, William BURGESS, William FRYER, William PARSONS, Willie LYTTLE, Wioletta LUBACZEWSKA, Yolanda PARKES, Yvette BESTER, Yvonne VUILLERMIN, Zoe JOHNSON, Александр ФАДИН, Александра ПОДВЫСОЦКАЯ, Анна ЕМЕЛЬЯНОВА, Евгений КУЧЕРОВ, Евгения ТУЛАЕВА, Екатерина САЙСАНОВА.